12 Playful Nacho Recipes for the Playoffs


It’s the playoffs and you need some simple, yet tasty to cook up. How about nachos! Beside nothing says “game time” like nachos. Check out these 12 “no fuss” nacho recipes, courtesy of fellow blogger, Brit + Co.




1. Nacho Macaroni and Cheese:  Corn chips, cilantro, salsa verde  and sharp cheddar cheese. (Recipe and photo: Bon Appetit)

2. Loaded Nachos Potato Skins: Potatoes, refried beans, avocado, sour cream, sharp and cheddar cheese. (Recipe and photo: CHOW)

3. Shrimp Nachos: Shrimp, nachos, tomatillo salsa (or salsa verde) and avocado. (Recipe and photo: Closet Cooking)

4. Nachos With Cabbage, Beans, and Cilantro Sauce: Nachos, cilantro, poblano peppers, sweet onion and red cabbage (Recipe and Photo: The Crisper Whisperer on Serious Eats)

5. Beef Fajita Nachos: 24-36 hour marinade for the flank steak, but it is definitely worth it and super simple. (Recipe and photo: The Pioneer Woman)

6. Chicken Chili Nachos:  Nachos, chicken chili, peppers and a combination of cheeses. (Recipe and photo: Martha Stewart Living)

7. Greek Nachos: Pita chips, Greek-flavored lamb, tzatziki, topped with a beet-based Greek salsa. (Recipe and photo: Elly Says Opa!)

8. Thief-Proof Nacho Towers with Avocado and Mint:  Nachos, cheddar cheese, lemon juice, avocado, tomatoes, green chili, sour cream and mint leaves.  (Recipe and photo: Scrumptious)

9. Sweet Potato Nachos: Sweet potato slices instead, ground beef or lentils. (Recipe and photo: Big Daddy’s House)

10. Corn Chips Salad: Nachos, tomatoes, lettuce, kidney beans, cheddar cheesing and dressing (Recipe and photo: Fuss Free Cooking)

11. Apple Nachos:  Marshmallows, caramels, peanuts, and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. (Recipe and photo: Shugary Sweets)

12. Watermelon Nachos: Watermelon nachos topped with Greek yogurt, Craisins, cinnamon, almonds, and white chocolate chips. (Recipe and photo: Culinary.net)

You have a favorite nacho recipe?  Share with us?


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